A Rare and Fine Silver Cosmetic Set

A silver cosmetic set with gold finials on gilded silver niello stem tray is a rare and exquisite antique from the early Rattanakosin period during the 19th century. The set requires an exceptionally high level of skill and was commissioned by the Thai court to offer to the royal family and high-ranking court officials.

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What’s so special about this cosmetic set is that it reflects beauty standards of Thai women in the past including white face paint. It is a traditional custom since Ayutthaya period in which any women who served the King needed to have white skin as it was believed that the King was not an ordinary person but a divine being. Therefore, his wife and consorts were like angels from the heaven, and it was believed at the time that the angels had white and pure skin.

Therefore, if a woman was selected to serve the King, it was critical for her to be dressed up and put on angelic makeup.

Lot 151: A rare and fine silver cosmetic set with gold finials, all set on gilded silver niello stem tray decorated and engraved with floral vine scrolls within lotus petal panels

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