Chinese Blue and White Porcelain, an Antique of Great Value

Chinese export porcelain became popular especially during the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910). So much so, decorating competitions arose as a way for the elite to showcase their prized collections.  Even though the porcelains were imported from China, they were arranged in Thai-style altar table.

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As outlined from royal records, the scoring system for Siamese altar table decorations is very complicated, but the essential scoring is based on the vessel’s condition, age, rarity, and beauty. Therefore, to win in the competition, most collectors sought porcelains with great quality to be displayed on the altar table.

This blue and white porcelain vase is among the most valuable pieces that is greatly coveted by most collectors as it was imported to Thailand during Ayutthaya period.

During the reign of Rama V, this piece was considered as an antique with over 100 years of age. Moreover, red and black wax seals at the bottom of the vase of King Rama V’s initials ‘Jor Por Ror’ indicate that it was a prize-winning porcelain.


A blue and white porcelain vase painted with a continuous of mountainous landscape design with wooden stand

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