A relatively new segment for RCB Auctions, we are consigned to put up for live and timed auctions a wide range of artwork from traditional to contemporary. Through River City Bangkok’s programme of contemporary art exhibitions and the ‘artist in residence' programme, we collaborate with established galleries and local artists to bring unique pieces to art-lovers and collectors around the world. This is a growing segment with which River City has made significant gains.


Traditional Thai Art

Religious imagery dominates early Thai traditional paintings, believed to have developed in the Sukhothai period (1238 until 1438). Before the Sukhothai period, tribal groups in the Mekong subregion embraced the art of the Mon-Khmer style. As a result, early Thai artistic forms of architecture, sculpture, literature, and paintings express influences from Buddhist traditions and pre-existing Mon-Khmer art. Buddhism originated in ancient India, with the teaching of one man. His teachings spreading across much of Asia. As it reached neighbouring regions, it branched out to many schools of thought, different styles of artistic representation, and iconography. Through time Buddhist iconography developed from Sukhothai and Ayutthaya to its peak, classical Thai art of the Rattanakosin period.
Traditional art continues to influence modern culture for that reason; famous Thai contemporary artists include repertories of Buddhist motifs in their work. Modern religious work is coveted in the Thai art market.


Thai Contemporary Art

However, Thai contemporary artists have emerged from traditional images by pushing boundaries and developing versatile and diverse style and subject matter. The Thai contemporary art movement transitioned into modern art in the 80s, exploring current issues in new mediums in sculpture, performances, installation, photography, and digital.