Highlights from Asian Antiques Live Auction on 11 June

More than two challenging years of covid-19 has not dampened the enthusiasm of collectors and dealers looking for unique and exquisite pieces from auction houses around the world.

Meanwhile, RCB Auctions continues the busy schedule with a Live Auction on Saturday 11 June. Featured this time are a selection of rare and fine antiques that have been well-selected by our experts. Bidders and collectors can bid in person at RCB Auctions on 4th floor or Bid Anywhere, Anytime.

Among 200 rare and precious items to bid on, here are highlights not to be missed.


Benjarong Porcelain

Regarded as Thai national treasures, Benjarong porcelains have been greatly sought after by porcelain collectors. Featured at our auction are 3 fine Benjarong porcelains.

Lot 58 is a Benjarong stem dish painted to interior and exterior with continuous scrolling floral vine design. This dish dated back to the 19th century. It is painted with soft colors and come with functions that reflect lifestyle of people in the past. Its flat shape suggests that it was typically used for food.

Lot 106 is a Benjarong ‘Lai Nam Thong’ bowl. The painting resembled turtle scale pattern which was exclusively made for the aristocrats.

Another piece not to miss is Lot 107, a Benjarong ‘Lai Nam Thong’ bowl painted and gilt with trellis and rice design on a red background as the artisan who created this pattern was inspired by the nature.

Polychrome porcelain

For collectors who like collecting Chinese porcelains, included in this live auction are two stunningpolychrome porcelains. Lot 71 is a pair of polychrome porcelain covered jars painted within panels of birds in flight among flower alternating with scrolling lotus on a blue background. The design is exceptional as it requires high level of skill to make.

Lot 73 is a pair of polychrome porcelain cylindrical with trumpet-mouth vases painted with birds and flowers in the panel alternating with birds and floral vine scrolls and blue background. It is believed that patterns with birds and flowers originate from  paintings and are passed on to different forms of art.

Gilded Silver Objects

This type of silverware required a highly skilled process. In this day, there are no practicing artisans making this silverware which is a highly rare collectible. In the past, gilt silver objects were given as tribute when the king of Thailand visited other countries to strengthen the relationships.

Offered at this auction is a selection of rare and fine gilded silver objects – Lot 91, a silver betel nut set decorated with bamboo branches

Lot 93, a carved and repousse’ silver gilt stem tray decorated with continuous floral vine scrolls

Lot 96, a gilded silver urn decorated with a floral design within lotus-petal shaped panels

Lot 101, a gilded silver enameled covered bowl set on a stem tray

and Lot 110, a gilded silver betel nut set decorated with a continuous scrolling floral design within lotus-petal shaped panels.

While waiting for the live auction happening on June 11 at 12:30 pm, please feel free to visit RCB Auctions on the 4th floor for the Preview Session. Meet the experts from RCB Auctions team and learn more about remarkable antiques and artifacts now until 10 June, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Monday – Sunday). You can use the parking entrance on the 4th floor to get to RCB Auctions.

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