Jué, From A Trace of the Earliest Chinese History Record to Beautiful Blue and White Pottery

Holy Grail has been one of the most familiar myths when it comes to religious legend and novels in the western culture. Similarly, this type of artefacts is incorporated with ancient Chinese history, and you are likely to know this through The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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This Timed Auction highlight will delve us into the Shang Dynasty that marked China’s Bronze Age. During the era 1700-1027 B.C., the Shang is the earliest dynasty in Chinese history that can be verified through archaeological evidence. It was the time sophisticated bronze works such as wine vessels with several shapes were crafted. Many exceptional pieces were excavated, epitomizing the highest development of bronze creation.

Vessels of this type are well represented in the Chinese Bronze Age. They are characterized by several shapes with specific names. For instances, 觚 (Gū) is known by its distinctive trumpet-shaped body. 角 (Jiǎo) is identified by its U-shape with tripods. This highlight is called 爵 (Jué) in Chinese. It bears a same U-shape, but a narrow spout makes it distinguished.

In addition to functionalities, Jué was not only a common type of vessels found in the tombs of elites, but also a sacred ritual object for the rulers drinking wine and using oracle bones to invoke the ancestors.

Not made of bronze, this archaic piece is a beautiful blue and white pottery is highly coveted due to its elaborate and archetypal form survived for thousands of years of Chinese civilization.

Lot 683
A blue and white porcelain tripodal libation cup painted with mountainous landscape
Style: Chinese in the 19th century
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