Benjarong A Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Kangxi Wucai (Kāngxī wǔcǎi) is a graceful creation produced in the time of the late Ayudhya period at the time of King Narai Maharaj (1656-1688) This glamorous piece is considered to be a rare find that holds a merge of the Thai and Chinese culture in the shape of a plate that derived from Europe, in which provides charismatic to the peculiar piece by an invention of the so called Wucai method which in other words interpret as ‘five colors’ however did not limit the usage within only five colors.

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Wucai is a style of decoration towards Chinese porcelains with painting colors that limits in the shades of red, yellow, green and purple in the company of black as the outlines. These features are often known as Jǐngdézhèn porcelain, originated from the city of An whereby is the capital center for their well-known ceramic work during the great emperor Kangxi (1662-1722) of the Xing dynasty (1636-1912) it was a cherish-able porcelain work at the time and was also known to be one of the most idealistic work of crafts.

The patterns of Wucai is often produced in natural formations for instance the forms of the dragons, the phoenix, the fish or of flowers of varieties where the value of this is within the paint strokes of Thai method called Khlua kao kan kod which is a name of a specific type of decorative pattern that defines artistic creation through process of combining the Khranok patterns with other elements including ‘Karb’ and ‘Ngao’ to obtain a symmetrical patterns between the balance of the objects and the empty spaces within. These patterns identified the evolution of Thai patterns from the Sukhothai, Ayudhya and Ratanakosin. Therefore, resulting in a mindfulness creation with capability to be a beauty on its own or an ideal household decor with the inimitable patterns influence by the Thai heritage.

This highlighted piece established in China’s origin was address to the land of Siam during the utmost period time for its favorable.


Lot 190: A rare and fine large Benjarong dish painted with trailing flowers design
Style: Thai, Ayudhya
Circa: 18th Century

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