The Four Main Occupations of the Ancient Chinese

Another stand-out piece in our upcoming Asian Antiques live auction is a blue and white porcelain cylindrical planter, in perfect condition, painted with a riverscape portraying huts and fishermen.

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Depicting the four traditional occupations – fisherman, woodsman, farmer and scholar – of agrarian Chinese society of the time, the “Yú qiáo gēng dú” (漁樵耕讀) motif became known as “khao mai si sae”  (เขาไม้สี่แซ่) among Siamese collectors in the era of King Rama V. Imports of Chinese blue and white porcelain began gathering momentum in the reign of King Rama III, and by the time King Rama V ascended the throne, were a thriving industry. Porcelain pieces typically portrayed beautiful pastoral scenes and the idealized lives of local people - peasants were expected to uphold the virtues of self-sufficiency and diligence, and to pursue self-edification through reading.

Lot 201: A large blue and white porcelain cylindrical planter painted with a continuous of landscape within a border of Yu-I (1 pc.)

Style: Chinese
Dimensions: W 52 cm. H 47 cm.
Circa: Early 19th Century
Estimated Price: 400,000 - 500,000 THB
Starting Price: 60,000 THB

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