Three Friends of Winter

The essence of nature has on many occasions allow inspirations to expand our minds through thoughts and creation of arts. For instance how the patterns of comrades has been meticulously produce with finest on the outstanding porcelain piece from the Live Auction, this particular piece was identified to be an entity of religious mystical of the Buddhist religion and a bless to those with the pleasure to possess.

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The wintry patterns of comrades in Chinese is called ‘Shui han Shan you’ in which was an assemble of the three species of plants, pine trees, bamboo and plum tree. In conjunction, this resembles patience and resilient in hardship situations. And yet with another mean that conveys unity and comradeship that will no man in the friendship shall be left behind.

We are often familiar with these three species of plants in traditional Chinese paintings covered in household essentials. However so, before the arts of applying plants in such ways, it was initially the patterns of comrades that had appeared in Chinese literature written during the ‘Song’ dynasty (960-1279). And if one had read up upon the Chinese philosophy and literature will discover that the season of winter has always been in mention in idioms that lessons beings to obtain strength during such weather.

With such significants that inherits in the lines of the patterns of the wintry pattern of comrades where the pine trees represents longevity, like the leaves of the pine that remains green even in the coldest times or to rephrase it is to have a long life. Whereas the bamboo grows elegantly tall in denial to the cause by the cold. And last, the plum tree that blossoms in Spring after the wintry season is over. The three species of plants bridge an attachment in characteristic of strengths and to always be resilient.

Through such concept that is in line with the rainfall during these times, though we must not be dispirit and be secure.


Lot 99: A blue and white porcelain covered bowl painted with the Three Friends of Winter (pine, bamboo and plum)
Style: Chinese
Circa: 18th century

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