RCB Auctions Terms and Conditions of Sales


Service Provider means Riverside Auction House Co., Ltd.
Bidder means the customer bidding at the auction arranged by the Service Provider
Vendor means the person who sells the item at the auction arranged by the Service Provider



  1. All bids must be placed by bidders themselves on-floor, by telephone, via online absentee bid, or, online live bid through www.rcbauctions.com.  Online bidders should be registered prior to the auction and the account must first be approved by the Service Provider.  The Service Provider will not be responsible if an online absentee bid or telephone bid cannot be executed or any electronic malfunctions via Live Online bidding.  Please kindly note that your total bid amount will be limited to 300,000 THB, if you wish to increase this bid limit, please contact RCB Auctions.
  2. Online bidders will be required to give us your personal information and credit card details upon registering.  This information will be strictly kept on the Service Provider’s database (See Privacy Policy).  On-floor bidders shall provide ID or Passport before receiving a bidding paddle.
  3. For new bidders, both Thai and foreigners are required to submit proof of identity and residence (a copy of ID card for Thai citizens and a copy of passport and utility bill with recent address for foreigners).
    1. Pre-registration is required for bidding online at least 3 working days before the auction day.
    2. A deposit of 50,000 THB will be requested for those who bid on the floor.
  4. The auctioneer reserves the right to determine the highest bidders, reject any bids, determine changes in bidding increments, withdraw or pass an item, and resolve any disputes.  It is up to the auctioneer whether to accept or reject online bids. If disputes arise after the sale, the Service Provider reserves the right for final interpretation and judgment.
  5. The successful bidder is the person who offers the highest bid when the auctioneer knocks the hammer.  As soon as the hammer knocks or the auctioneer pronounces the item as “sold,” the successful bidder is responsible for ensuring payment immediately.  Items can only be picked up after the successful bidder has made the full payment.
  6. Each auction item is described, as to its origin, style, age, material, and imperfection (if any).  All descriptions made are statements of informative opinions by specialists and should not be taken as categorical statements of fact.  Prospective bidders should inspect each item to their satisfaction, using their own judgment or by other means as to whether the item qualifies as per the description before bidding.  The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for any challenge to the opinion of the specialists from the above description.  All items are sold as is.
  7. The Service Provider has been using the service from Invaluable, LLC., for any inquiries or questions regarding the Invaluable online platform, please kindly check Help and FAQ.


Payment Policy

  1. In addition to the hammer price, the successful bidder is required to pay a bidding commission ranging from 10% - 20%, please kindly see the commission in each Auction’s terms.
  2. The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.  Both inward and outward bank transfer fees will be responsible by the successful bidders.  Payment must be made within 5 business days after the auction ends.


Shipping and Handling

  1. Packing and transportation is the responsibility of the bidders.  Arrangement should be made within 5 business days following the end of auction.  The 3 largest international logistics firms DHL, UPS and FedEx operate in Thailand and can work with a shipper to facilitate collecting and packing.  Alternatively, we recommend this company below.  The Service Provider is not responsible for cost of handling, shipping, insurance, tax or customs charged or missing or damaged items.
  2. Should the bidder fail to collect the auctioned items within the specified period, the bidder will be liable for a management fee of 5% of the items value per month paid to the Service Provider.  If the bidder fails to collect the auctioned Items within 3 months, the Service Provider reserves the right to cancel the bidding or resale or re-auction or return the item to the vendor.  The Service Provider reserves the right for final interpretation and judgment in any event that may arise.
  3. All sales are final.

Shipping Contact
Sincerely Inter Logistic Co.,Ltd.
Rm.095 Jatujak Plaza Zone C Soi
Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Tel: +662-6185590
Fax: +662-6185591
HP: +66865307114
Line id: m0865307114
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]



  1. Vendors consigning/selling items will be required to complete the Service Providers’ Consignment forms. Please contact [email protected]
  2. The auction item(s) must be items that is not prohibited by law i.e., ivory.
  3. The Service Provider shall reserve the right to reject any item(s).


Payment for sold items

The Service Provider will pay to the vendors within 30 days after the auction day.


LINE Official Account: @rcbauctions