The Exuberance and Ethereal Grace of the Youthful Magpies

“Lablae” is like a veil or a screen, a rectangular panel supported by legs on both sides, movable, and often placed near doorways to shield the view from outside. In addition, it can also be used in altar table decoration for religious ceremonies, making it a beloved fixture in Thai households through generations. Adorned with intricate patterns, Lablae symbolizes the esteemed lineage of the homeowners. Among these, the most revered is the delicate and auspicious motif of the “Magpie Bird”.

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The majestic magpie often serves as a symbol of cosmic significance, embodying the essence of joyous flight. Adornments decorated with the intricate plumage of the magpie are believed to usher in good fortune. Simultaneously, the steadfast resilience of the peonies, amidst the myriad of floral wonders, symbolizes beauty and purity unparalleled.

The radiant joy and playful flutter of the magpie flocks, gracefully soaring amidst the branches of blooming peonies that epitomize the enchanting natural allure. The artisan, through intricate strokes, captures the exuberance of these young magpies from imagination and thought onto the pristine white porcelain, reflecting the lively and liberated essence resonating with chirpy banter and beaming conversations among the magpies.

In this Live Auction, RCB Auctions has curated and commissioned an exclusive wooden frame adorned with the intricate patterns of magpies and the peonies, seamlessly integrated with ceramic tiles. These pieces are highly sought after, as their meticulous detail requires only the finest craftsmen skilled in carving to create such masterpieces. Owners of these works are typically individuals of high stature, adding to the prestige and collectibility of this valuable and deserving treasure.


Lot 180
A very rare and fine blue and white porcelain plaque with a wooden screen painted with birds perching among flowers, carved and pierced at wooden frame in the form of two magpie (1 pc.)
Style: Chinese
Dimensions: W 54 cm H 78 cm
Circa: 19th Century
Estimated Price: 150,000 - 200,000 THB
Starting Price: 70,000 THB