The Resplendent Autumn Leaves upon the Canvass of Royalty

Blue and white porcelain merges as a cherished treasure, distinguished by its iconic color scheme, it fuses the splendor of form with the artistry of motifs, aligning itself in perfect harmony.

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With origins rooted in the inventive spirit of the Chinese, these porcelain pieces predominantly bear embellishments of intricate patterns that echo China’s cultural essence. Beyond aesthetics, they also carry hidden layers of auspicious significance, concealing within them a touch of mystical allure.


Within this online Timed Auction, a collection of captivating blue and white porcelain tiles takes center stage. Among them, the intricately patterned “Bua Bok Khod or Lotus leaf (Stephania Erecta)” design steals the spotlight. This pattern bears the emblem of the “Bao Zhu Li Ji” (宝珠利记), a renowned Chinese-Siamese trading house that manufactured and imported exquisite porcelains during the times of Phraya Pisansuphaphol (Chuen) and his son, who commissioned these masterpieces to be sold in Bangkok, spanning from the reign of King Rama III to King Rama V. The “Bua Bok Khod” motif, depicting lotus leaves (Stephania Erecta), stands as one of the rarest tree-pattern designs, alongside the banana tree and Maxburretia Furtadoana (a genus of the three rare palm species found in the South of Thailand). These patterns possess an exceptional and mesmerizing beauty that transcends ordinary porcelain artistry.


Thus, the “Bua Bok Khod”design stands out remarkably amidst a sea of patterns. Some may liken it to the intricate Chinese “Hwajin” coin motif, a sacred tree pattern that entices exploration with a form that distinguishes itself from the usual leafy designs. Moreover, there exists a belief that the larger the “Khod” motif, the stronger its influence on stability and prosperity. The circular leaf shape, with a central focal point akin to a Chinese silver coin, symbolizes success and flourishing growth. One could say that these adorned tea cups, glazed with the captivating Bua Bok Khod pattern, constitute a pivotal highlight of this auction. They are unquestionably worthy of collection, preserving the enduring allure of these exquisite artworks.


Lot 327

A blue and white porcelain teacup painted with lotus leaf (Stephania Erecta)
Style: Chinese
Dimensions: W 10.0 cm H 5.5 cm
Circa: 19th Century
Estimated Price: 8,000 - 10,000 THB
Starting Price: 3,000 THB