The Beauty of the Magpies, Wildflowers, Deer, and Pine Trees on a Tapestry of Nature's Patterns

In this grand Live Auction, a large, exquisitely crafted porcelain case adorned with a pattern of magpies perched on branches, peonies, and a deer beneath the pine trees takes center stage.

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The vase is coated with a ‘Powder Blue Glaze’, following the Western trend of its time. Originating during the Ming Dynasty, around 1425-35 AD., this coating technique has become a rare artistry to behold in contemporary times.

The popularity of the Powder Blue glaze surged during the Kangxi era, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans through a process involving coating with deep blue powdered pigment. This pigment is delicately blown onto the surface of the pristine white porcelain, resulting in small specks that amalgamate into a rich blue hue. This technique is often referred to as ‘Soufflé Blue Glaze’.

The allure of the magpie, peony, deer, and pine tree motifs adorning this vase holds a profound dimension within the collective symbolism deeply ingrained in Chinese folklore. The magpie, a symbol of joy and happiness, is often depicted alongside peonies, symbolizing longevity and endurance, on Chinese porcelains. While magpie is believed to bring good fortune, peonies epitomizes the enduring resilience of various flower species, representing beauty and purity.

Pine trees and the deer symbolize enduring and eternal life. Deer, with their long lifespan of thousands of years, are adorned for their auspicious qualities by the Chinese. In addition, they also represent lasting wealth, prosperity, and good health.

To conclude, this case is a precious piece, rich in artistic symbolism, providing a sense of sophistication to those who gaze upon it. It seamlessly blends with the contemporary aesthetic of timeless beauty.


Lot 151

A large powder blue vase with long neck painted with magpie among plum blossom and deer under the pine tree (1 pc.)
Style: Chinese

Dimensions: W 24.0 cm H 61 cm
Circa: 19th Century
Estimated Price: 400,000 - 500,000 THB
Starting Price: 280,000 THB