Royal Initials & Bat Motifs

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The next timed auction starts on 26 July 2021 until 8 August 2021 at 6 p.m. of Bangkok time will feature many highlights.  Amongst them is Lot 503, a Thai-Chinese blue and white porcelain bowl painted with bat motifs and foliage scrolls, marked with the royal insignia of King Rama V.

This remarkable piece is rare and elaborate thanks to its exceptional flying creature motifs adorned with floral and foliage scrolls. Describing an intriguing story through esthetics, this meticulous porcelain witnesses Chinese culture and the highly valuable Thai-Chinese relationship.

It is known that King Rama V was very fond of Chinese porcelain. In 1888, he commissioned to create particular motifs and repetitive patterns of his royal initials inspired by Chinese characters. One of them included bat motifs.

This motif is distinguished among others due to the meaningful flying creatures. In Chinese culture, it is believed that bat is auspicious. The Chinese term 蝙蝠 or “Biānfú” signifies “bat”. With its pronunciation that sounds like “Fu” meaning “blessing” or “prosperity”, this kind of nocturnal animals is often referred in Chinese art and decorative items along with other auspicious creatures such as dragons, deer, magpies, and cats.

Typically shown are five Chinese bats representing the ‘Five Blessings’ which includes health, longevity, virtue, wealth and peaceful death.Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to acquire this highlight with its significant meaning.

Last but not least, identifying a mark on pottery or porcelain is often the first step of collector’s consideration as it is similar to fingerprints of the manufacturer. This highlight was marked with 錦堂發記 (Jin Tang Fa Ji mark), the trademark of the noble manufacturer.

Lot 503
A rare and fine blue and white porcelain bowl painted with bats in flight, fruiting peach branches with a border of bats at rim, and foliage scrolls at base, marked with the royal insignia of King Rama V  (1 pc.)
Dimensions: W 13 cm. H 4 cm.
Style: Thai-Chinese
Circa: 19th century
Starting price: 30,000 Baht

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