Showcasing Beauty: The Elegance of Ewer pot in shaped of peach

The term ‘peach’ in Chinese translates to “桃子” (Táozi). Originating in the land of China before spreading its roots across the globe, the Chinese believe that the peach is a celestial fruit, embodying qualities of humility, wealth, and fertility.

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According to Chinese folklore, the peach tree is revered for its ability to ward off evil spirits, making its branches and twigs popular choices for interior decoration. Beyond its earthly presence, the peach finds its place in the legends of various Chinese deities and numerous works of literature, such as the epic “Journey to the West” and the poetic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The peach, therefore, seamlessly intertwines with the tapestry of Chinese life, beliefs, and culture, evolving into a beautiful symbol in diverse forms of art.

The peach-shaped teapot, aptly termed “Ewer pot in shaped of peach”, is a peculiar addition to the altar table decoration. Thais often incorporate this whimsical teapot into their altar table sets, with a particular fondness that led to competitions during the reign of King Rama V and the enactment of the “Royal Decree on Altar Decoration Regulations, Rattanakosin Era 119” in 1901. This decree established rules and guidance for the judging of tableware, a crucial aspect of grand events.

Primarily utilized as a liquor decanter, rather than for brewing tea, the Ewer pot in shaped of peach stands as a testament to artistic ingenuity, featuring a distinctive peach-shaped design. With its narrow base, bulbous body, and a spout resembling the mouth of a trumpet, it boasts a handle for pouring and a unique method of liquid infusion. The liquid is poured through the bottom until full, and then the vessel is flipped, allowing the liquid to flow out through the spout without spilling. Thus ingenious invention is a timeless and exquisite piece of contemporary art.

The Ewer pot shaped of peach, steeped in tradition, is a classic Chinese motif often adorned with intricate Chinese patterns. In Siamese culture, however, artisans were commissioned to embellish these vessels with distinctly Thai designs. One such Ewer pot in shaped of peach boasts delicate patterns portraying Thai angels in white on a background of orange lotus petals, reminiscent of the intricate pink and green designs adorning the robes of the mythical goddesses. Amidst a black backdrop, these patterns showcase a rare beauty, often hidden and only revealed as a noteworthy highlight in this Live Auction, creating a captivating spectacle for connoisseurs and collectors alike.


Lot 115
A rare Benjarong ewer in shaped of peach painted with Theppanom and Norasingha amidst kranok on a black ground (1 pc.)
Style: Thai, Rattanakosin
Dimensions: W 18 cm H 13 cm
Circa: 19th Century
Estimated Price: 120,000 - 150,000 THB
Starting Price: 100,000 THB