The Divine Splendor: The Artistic and Musical Essence

While it is well-known that Thai Nielloware craftsmanship is an exquisite art form, embodying the utmost artistic and cultural values of Thailand through its intricate and precise craftsmanship, another significant aspect of Thai Nielloware is the meticulous design and form that enhance beauty and reflect the prowess of Thai artisans.

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Among the most beautifully designed goldworks is the royal regalia, a central piece portraying the grandeur and prestige befitting the monarch. Such masterpieces are meticulously designed to match the royal insignia, showcased in this Live Auction by RCB Auctions, allowing all collectors to appreciate these rare and exquisite pieces.

The ‘Phra Suphannarat’, also known as the spittoon, represents an ancient goldsmithing art favored by the elite. Typically crafted in a grand scale, referred to as ‘Phra Suphannarat’, or a smaller size known as ‘Suphannasri’, the term derived from royal vocabulary denoting the respective size. This craft is integral in creating regalia, a vital component of the royal accouterments used to signify nobility and hierarchy among the Thai aristocracy and lords. The spittoon is another remarkable nielloware primarily for the distinguished nobles, reflecting their elevated status. This featured gilded silver niello spittoon with trumpet mouth piece in this display holds a special appeal in its gentle and intricate design, adorned with ornate golden engravings depicting delicate peony patterns. These patterns often serve as auspicious symbols, aligning with words connoting fortune, abundance, and high nobility in Chinese. Thus, this particular flower is used symbolically, adorning various utensils as a gesture of good fortune, akin to presenting a gift of auspicious wishes to the recipient.


Lot 99

A very rare and fine gilded silver niello spittoon with trumpet mouth decorated with foliage against pattern (1 pc.)
Style: Thai,Rattanakosin

Dimensions: W 14 cm H 8.5 cm weight 156 gram
Circa: 19th Century
Estimated Price: 150,000 - 200,000 THB
Starting Price: 80,000 THB