Exquisite Literary Chapters Adorned on the Tapestry of Patterns

In the land where tea saucers bear intricate patterns of literary prowess, renowned by the name “Three Kingdoms”, there lies an intellectual heritage cherished by the East’s most distinguished scholars.

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The legend of Three Kingdoms has been a beloved tale in Thailand for generations, dating back to the reign of His Majesty King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke the Great, the first monarch of the Chakri Dynasty, who painstakingly transcribed its verses by hand. Later, in the reign of His Majesty King Mongkut (Rama IV), the epic was printed for the first time by the presses of Dr. Bradley in 1865.

At RCB Auctions, a selection was made of these historically valuable pieces, adorned with writings from the 19th-century tapestries, specifically from the chapter “Zhao Yun Charges to Rescue Adou.” It portrays the beauty of calligraphy intertwining with an engrossing tale, set in the scene where Liu Bei leads soldiers and the people of Xin Ye as they flee from the relentless onslaught of Cao Cao’s army. In this tumultuous situation, Liu Bei becomes disoriented, losing track amidst the chaos with Lady Mi, Lady Gan, and Adou – his son with Lady Gan. Upon realizing the circumstances, Zhao Yun sets out on a quest to find the family of Liu Bei. Eventually, Zhao Yun encounters Lady Mi and Adou. Tragically, Lady Mi is severely injured, teetering on the edge of death. She makes the painful decision to end her own life to ensure the safety of Adou and allow Zhao Yun to continue the journey. Zhao Yun hides Adou in his armor and valiantly faces Cao Cao’s army alone, ultimately delivering Adou safely to his father, Liu Bei.

The intricate depiction of Zhao Yun’s character, bravely leading the charge alongside the soldiers to aid Adou on this porcelain plate, is as beautiful as the historical narrative from ancient Chinese chronicles. It is a tantalizing taste of sophistication captured within the glazed porcelain canvas, a work of art that rivals any other in the field. Lot 174, therefore, stands as a captivating masterpiece, encapsulating timeless elegance.


Lot 174
A blue and white porcelain rectangular teapot tray painted with episode from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (1 pc.)
Style: Chinese
Dimensions: W 16 cm L 22.5 cm H 3.5 cm
Circa: 19th Century
Estimated Price: 30,000 - 40,000 THB
Starting Price: 18,000 THB